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 Why Choose
The Wild J Ranch?

      The Wild J Ranch is small breeding facility dedicated to producing genetically resilient Friesian sport horses with an emphasis on dressage, although many of our foals will excel in other areas of sport, western disciplines and would also make great family horses. Our foals are our passion, and we truly desire for them to have the best lives possible. We are protective of our babies and selective about the homes we send them to. We have found a big part of our clients’ satisfaction comes from pairing our foals with the right owner. We love being matchmakers and because of our transparency and Integrity we tend to have lasting relationships with our clients. This allows us to track our foals as they grow up, which makes all the extra work worthwhile.

     Our core principles have grown from our passion for our foals and are somewhat unconventional.


      The health of our horses is our first priority and the nutrition we provide is the biggest part of this effort. We always choose the natural/holistic way when possible and take pride in the ability to treat issues unconventionally. WJR’s owner and founder is an Equine herbalist who has developed a Natural and Holistic program to address as many of our horses needs as possible. Treatments address allergy, autoimmune, biomechanics, detox, digestion, endocrine issues, general health, hoof care, infection treatment, injuries, immune health, liver issues, mystery symptoms, reproductive health, recovery/trauma, wounds, and SO much more. However, modern Veterinary care is always available to help support us and our horses. All of our horses and foals receive the best Quality Hay and are supplemented with balanced vitamins, minerals and herbs, with minimal amounts of simple grains, which are never commercial feeds, or anything that is pelletized, cooked, or that have additives, by-products, fillers, heavy preservatives or Ag wastes.


      We do not over feed our foals. We believe it’s important to let them grow slowly, as nature intended, to avoid potential developmental problems. Don’t worry they still Look Fabulous when you pick them up! Our mares are regularly detoxed from environmental toxins, are given extra support through their pregnancies and are given time to recover from making beautiful babies.
Our stallions are regularly detoxed, and we support their endocrine systems, neurological needs, and reproductive system all year round. Great Semen makes Great Babies!


       We also have a barefoot farrier on site that keeps our beauty’s feet naturally balanced. This allows us to assist and/or avoid other hoof and limb problems in our foals. It is so crucial to the development of the foal to keep their hooves naturally balanced. Plus, they learn to “stand” for their future farrier visits.


        With over 20 years of experience, the amount of focused training and time spent building trust that is invested into our foals will be evident from the word go. Perfecting our methods means the time invested becomes more productive, which allows us to go further than most in our efforts to produce respectful, happy, self-soothing foals. We believe that giving our foals a solid foundation gives them a better future, and that is what makes it all worthwhile. They are well socialized, and we try to expose them to as many environments/situations as possible. They are never forced; we take the time to build their confidence, which allows them to move forward without fear. We address any undesirable tendencies as soon as they show themselves and give our foals methods to manage their stress. Our natural, gentle and slow training method allows our foals to be taken anywhere, in any direction, and sets them up for a successful future. Just ask our clients!


       We care immensely for our horses, but we also care for the people that buy them. We are a boutique breeder, producing just 5-7 foals each year; this allows us to invest way more time into each foal and each potential client. We are professional, honest and take the time to listen to our clients’ needs and aspirations. This tends to leave a lasting impression. We are prompt with communications and keep our clients up to date on their purchased foals with current photos and videos. We are respectful and don’t pretend to know more than we do and appreciate clients with similar inclinations.

        We sincerely appreciate your interest in our breeding operation evidenced by you reading this; please feel free to contact us with any questions or just to let us know what you’re looking for. We look forward to doing business with you,



Zack & Anne Jacobs

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