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Our Mares


“There’s something different about the way a good mare connects with her rider. It’s special. Like an unspoken agreement. Once a mare chooses you as her person, it’s like she has an instinct to protect you, to fight for you. It’s almost as if she takes ownership of you.

I believe the good mares have a deep sense of intuition. They can read your mind. They know what you’re thinking even before you do. The good mares I know breathe fire in the face of challenge and then somehow, miraculously, know to quiet themselves when a timid child is plopped on their back for a pony ride.

They are clever, cunning and calculated, which can be your greatest enemy or your saving grace. The good mares I know do not tolerate egotistical riding. They do not tolerate force. They demand tact, finesse and emotional control. But once you have won a mare’s heart, you have won all of her. In exchange for your best—and nothing less—she will give you everything.”

- Lindsay Paulsen


Maryshka I


Is a 2012 16h Friesian Mare out of Sipke 450 and Ludse 305.

Zelena is a bold, confident, and quiet mare. She LOVES people and does anything she can for attention or a treat. She is a big mover nice reach and suspension. She generally on the lazy side but loves to please and is up for anything new. Everyone who meets her wants to take her home.


295693749_1796311767371591_1290172522126898267_n (2).jpg

Lalique Lsf

2011 Purebred Friesian mare has as much presence as our stallion. Lalique has spectacular animated movement! Loads of power and drive, natural rhythm with lots of action . She has the most beautiful elegant neck, kind eye, and perfect curious and sweet temperament.



This Chick Dun Twisted

2015 Gold Champagne Dun (ee aa Ch D/nd1) Quarter Horse mare. Sona is just the best mare! Easy going but forward and can go all day. She has strong shoulder with nice straight legs and a beautiful neck! Sona is intelligent and solves problems quickly. For Kids or Advance rides. So many things we just love about this mare.



WJR Silver Nettle

Netti our Silver Dapple Friesian x Belgian/Gypsy mare. Such a Unique Bloodline that we have had the pleasure of raising.  A Zesty mare with the athleticism to do anything!


Legend Mighty White

2014 Buckskin Fewspot Mare. 5 panel Negative. E/e A/A Cr/cr LP/LP PATN1/patn1. Such and incredibly Sweet mare with a huge desire to please.  Easy and forward and she LOVES kids and babies! So excited for her babies!



Dusty's Cashmere Sensation

A 2003 Gold Cream Champagne Sabino ( ee aa Cr/n Ch/n Sb1/n ) 15.2 Missouri Fox Trotter mare. Finny is such an intelligent and sweet mare! She has some Fancy color, nice uphill build and a CUTE head. She has a lot of go and loves to get out on trail. She loves to be pampered and loves to groom her humans.




HRA Superstition 

Our Bay Leopard (Ee Aa LPlp PATN1/patn1 No Grey) lady is such a great representative of the Foundation Appaloosa. She has the best personality, curious, loyal and up for anything. She has great bone with a large, dense, quality hoof. No matter how long she sits, we pick up right where we left off. With her Lovely, elegant movement and athleticism she is capable of any discipline.
5 panel negative



WJR Wiley

Wiley is our Buckskin Fewspot ( LP/LP PATN1/patn1 Ee AA Crcr Negative for Grey) Knabstrupper mare from Colorado Skrødstrup. This mare has spectacular natural collection, reach and Loads of drive and suspension.
She's a perfect mare -Sweet, Sassy, Confident, Curious and always is thinking everything through.


5 panel Negative


240885801_1558616284474475_7312386248948365801_n (1).jpg

Waps Mystic Moxie

A 2017 Black Leopard ( Ee LPlp PATN1/PATN1 ) 5 panel negative APHC filly.
Moxie's name is very appropriate as she is a BOLD filly. Scopy with No Fear and is ready for anything. She has beautiful movement and loves to put on a show anyway she can. Moxie is an Incredibly smart horse, you can always see her thinking. 




WJR Agnus

Is a 2008 Silver Dapple ( Ee Zz ) 15.2h, 1200lb Belgian/Gypsy mare. Aggy has a temperament that suits all people. She quickly adapts to her riders and She is our "Go To" mare for everything. She is Definitely on the lazy side but will get up and go if needed.

 She loves to be scratched and LOVES food! She is easily taught new things and her foals carry her same great characteristics.




Hotsje F.V.F


is a 2010 15.2 1200lb Friesian mare out of MAIKO 373 and IDS 300.

Michone has powerful forward movement with great suspension. She's a blast to ride in any discipline. She has a amazing walk that can keep up with the gaited horses, As well as a smooth trot and easy to sit canter. She will go all day and "Lazy" is word you will never use with her. You can hop on and Go anytime. She is brave, smart and sensible and has a beautiful Baroque build. 




QTS Caramel Pep

A 2009 15.2 Buckskin Tobiano ( Ee Aa Crcr Tt ) APHA mare.

Boo turns heads in many ways. She is SO sweet, caring, and gentle with her people. If she is not opening gates or doors she will be showing off to newcomers and leading her friends through the gate that we forgot to latch. She is what we call " annoyingly Smart".  She's a sensitive mare who knows so many verbal queues we talk to her as if she was human. She has produced some spectacular sport foals which have her same sensitive, sweet, and cheeky nature.



RBA I'm So Fancy

A 2015 Buckskin ( Ee Aa CR/cr LPLP PATN1/patn1) fewspot, 14.2, 5 Panel NN APHC Mare. Raja is Foundation blood out of our Plauditsred Sparkler mare.
Raja is sassy and FULL of personality. She is ready to work or play anytime and she's a hop on and go mare and can go all day long. She's quiet and willing and always begs for attention.  



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